Wealth Management for Young Professionals

Every financial journey is different, and as a young professional, it’s important that you take the reins early on to ensure your journey aligns to both your financial and life goals and sets you up for the best chance of success. From controlling debt and building wealth to stock option planning and maximizing your employee benefits, you can establish a strong financial foundation during your prime earning years to help you achieve financial independence and live the life you dream of.

With a comprehensive and disciplined approach to financial planning and investment management – and guidance from MFA’s team of Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFA) and Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) – we’ll help you navigate important financial milestones and adopt thoughtful strategies to build your wealth and align your money with how you truly want to live.


How We Help Young Professionals


Establish Financial Goals and Plan for the Future Icon

Establish Financial Goals and Plan for the Future

  • Understand your current financial position, including assets, liabilities and net worth
  • Manage your cash flow to facilitate living the life you desire (e.g. controlling/reducing expenses, allocating income, etc.)
  • Maximize your compensation and employee benefits, including stock options
  • Design strategies for debt management and prevention (e.g. student loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Identify and plan for short-term savings goals


Invest with Confidence icon

Invest with Confidence

  • Integrate your financial planning & asset management
  • Learn more about investment management, asset allocation and portfolio diversification strategies to enhance your wealth accumulation and preservation
  • Understand the role taxes play in your financial picture (including how your current financial tendencies impact your taxes) and learn strategies to reduce your tax burden as your income grows
  • Establish your risk tolerance and design a portfolio that aligns with your unique objectives for now and in the future


Build a Long-Term Wealth Strategy icon

Build a Long-Term Wealth Strategy

  • Take advantage of current retirement planning avenues and establish long-term practices to maximize retirement savings
  • Build strategies to plan for life’s future moments, such as getting married, buying a home, raising children, and more
  • Get started with estate planning and take advantage of early opportunities to secure your current and future wealth



Investment Management Philosophy

We firmly subscribe to an integrated investment management philosophy that delivers solid, risk-adjusted returns through risk mitigation, cost minimization and a disciplined, long-term approach.

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