Wealth Management for C-Suite Executives

As a corporate executive, a great portion of your wealth is tied to a complex compensation plan, and as a result, you may or may not have full visibility into your overall financial situation.

With comprehensive planning and individualized attention, our team of financial planners and asset managers can keep you in control of your wealth and help you identify opportunities to accumulate, preserve and transfer wealth in alignment with your career and life objectives.

Our multi-disciplinary approach offers financial clarity by integrating your corporate holdings with your personal financial assets and helping you to assess and optimize:

  • Stock options and restricted stock
  • Corporate bonuses, dividends and other equity incentives
  • Sales of company stock (10b5-1 plans)
  • Concentrated stock risk
  • 401k / IRA allocation planning
  • Asset liquidation, diversification and cash out
  • Insurance assets and protection
  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Tax-efficient charitable giving
  • Cash flow analysis and retirement planning


Addressing Common C-Suite Challenges


Achieving Financial Clarity Icon

Achieving Financial Clarity & Independence
With much of your personal wealth intertwined with that of your employer, you require a thoughtful and transparent analysis of how to optimize for financial independence. We’ll help you account for short- and long-term goals – including dependent care/education, housing and ultimately, retirement – by taking a strategic approach to your financial planning, asset allocation, and risk management.


Maximizing Executive Compensation and Benefits Icon

Maximizing Executive Compensation and Benefits
Our financial advisors will review the entirety of your corporate compensation and benefits program, help you to better understand the relationship between your corporate holdings, retirement plan assets and other equity-based incentives, and design an investment strategy that uncovers opportunities to capitalize on your existing rewards.


Optimizing for Tax Efficiency Mitigating Risk

Optimizing for Tax Efficiency & Mitigating Risk
To take full advantage of your corporate financial benefits, you need to approach your investment strategy with tax efficiency in mind. Our team will offer strategies to reduce your taxable income, defer compensation when appropriate, and build a proactive, tax-efficient plan that minimizes risk, accounts for the whole of your financial rewards and incentives and aligns directly with your goals for capital growth and preservation.


Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future
In addition to helping you grow and safeguard wealth today and in the immediate future, we’ll help you to transfer that hard-earned wealth to future generations and ensure you preserve a financial legacy that validates the time and energy you’ve invested in your corporate career. From estate planning to philanthropic advisory, we’ll help you maximize your corporate holdings and develop plans to pass on your wealth to those who mean the most to you.




Investment Management Philosophy

We firmly subscribe to an integrated investment management philosophy that delivers solid, risk-adjusted returns through risk mitigation, cost minimization and a disciplined, long-term approach.

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