Wealth Management for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

As a business owner or entrepreneur, understanding your personal balance sheet – including the value tied up in your business – is a complex undertaking. In order to best achieve your long-term financial goals, you need to consider both your personal and professional finances, while simultaneously maximizing value and minimizing the risk associated with your ownership status.

Whether you operate a local business or a global enterprise, it is imperative to design a wealth management strategy that allows you to strategically grow, preserve and transfer those assets in a way that aligns with your most personal life goals.

MFA’s Wealth Management Team works collaboratively with business owners to help them understand the full scope of their wealth and mitigate potential risk through long-term strategies that encompass:

  • Compensation and benefits arrangements
  • Stock option planning
  • Insurance planning, including life, disability, key person, etc.
  • Asset placement and asset protection strategies
  • Wealth accumulation and personal investment management strategies
  • Cash flow analysis and retirement planning
  • Advanced estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Exit strategy and succession planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Tax-efficient charitable giving


How We Help Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


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Integrated Financial Planning & Asset Management
The key to successful wealth management is ensuring your plans are aligned to unique and specific financial goals. Relying on our integrated, long term approach to financial planning and wealth management, we will help you set a course for achieving those goals, by treating your business as an investment and building risk-adjusted strategies to grow and manage the full spectrum of your asset portfolio.


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Tax Efficiency
There’s a direct correlation between reducing your tax burden and increasing your wealth, especially when a meaningful portion of your assets are tied up in your own business. We will review your existing tax situation and recommend opportunities to apply a tax-optimized approach to your corporate benefit package, retirement planning and overall estate. Furthermore, if you are planning to explore a sale of your business in the future, we will help you address capital gains, exit proceeds and future investment opportunities in the most tax-efficient way possible.



Liability & Asset Protection
As a business owner, you take on additional risk by having your personal wealth connected to that of your business. In the event that you and your business face an unforeseen disruption (e.g. lawsuit, security breach, or even a divorce proceeding), it is imperative that you have safeguarded your financial assets. This involves assessing your business structure and insurance coverage, as well as diversifying your investment portfolio.


Estate and Family Wealth Planning

Estate & Family Wealth Planning
After successfully building your business, you want to ensure that the wealth you have accumulated is used to care for your family – both now and in the future. We will help you identify or enhance investment vehicles to protect your hard-earned assets and design an estate plan to transfer that wealth in a tax-efficient manner to family members, charitable organizations and other meaningful beneficiaries.


Exit Strategy and Succession

Exit Strategy & Succession
When the day comes to step away from your business, you need to be prepared. Whether an exit is in the near future or decades away, our team can guide you in organizing your asset portfolio and preparing for a future liquidity event. We will work alongside you during the transition process, post-sale or succession, to help you develop a financial plan aligned with your retirement and other life goals.




Investment Management Philosophy

We firmly subscribe to an integrated investment management philosophy that delivers solid, risk-adjusted returns through risk mitigation, cost minimization and a disciplined, long-term approach.

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