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The MFA Companies® Wealth Management Practice is a Boston-based financial advisor delivering comprehensive investment management, financial planning and wealth advisory solutions.

We partner with high-net-worth individuals and families – including entrepreneurs, business owners, C-suite executives and young professionals – who require thoughtful and professional guidance to effectively manage their wealth, navigate their financial future, and successfully position themselves to realize their deepest and most profound life goals.

All services of MFA’s Wealth Management Practice are performed by MFA Asset Management, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor.

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What Makes Us Unique


Dedicated, Multi-Disciplinary Team
At MFA, we believe that a broad range of knowledge and experience is necessary to truly help an investor understand the risks and potential rewards involved with accumulating and preserving assets. When working with individual investors, we surround each with a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team consisting of Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) with Masters in Taxation (MST), Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), Registered Life Planners (RLP®) and Personal Financial Specialists (PFS).



Conflict-Free Client Advocacy
We are an independent, fee-only, SEC-registered investment advisory firm that puts our clients’ interests first. Our investment selections are unbiased as we receive no commission or other financial benefit from the selection of specific investments utilized. We do not custody client assets, and our only fees come from our clients — we work for you, and only you.



Personal, Value-Driven Approach
Our financial advisors take pride in working closely with our clients and providing them with customized financial planning and investment solutions to meet their specific objectives. We prioritize a responsive, value-driven, hands-on approach that allows us to establish productive relationships and generate measurable results that mitigate market surprises, meet individual objectives and deliver competitive returns.



Tax Planning — Central to Our Wealth Management Services
Income taxes often represent one of the largest expenditures an individual or family faces each year. With proactive guidance, however, this cost can often be mitigated. Therefore, tax planning is central to everything we do. Not only is the MFA Wealth Management Team comprised of CPAs with advanced degrees in taxation, but we are also affiliated with The MFA Companies®, a progressive CPA and consulting firm fully versed in the subtle nuances of sophisticated tax planning.



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